One comment on “News From The Front/NFTF Miley Cyrus…So

  1. I can agree with you on one point, Miley is not a child anymore and she has a right to show it. She has a great figure, and if she wants to rock it in a skin tight, nude color plastic two piece then that is her right and her business. However, my qualm with Ms. Cyrus’s performance was not its sexual nature, but the just awkward and bizarreness of it all. It was an attempt at being risque and avant-garde. I sat ATTEMPT because I feel like she missed the target. In the end she just came off as tasteless and embarrassing. I have to wonder what hear logic was behind such a display. I just wish someone could have talked with her and asked her, “Do you really think twerking teddy bears is the way to go?” There is a way to be shocking and attention grabbing, without molesting teddy bears.

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