Nothing is sacred to the Music Maven and if it’s interesting it’ll get a line.  News From The Front/NFTF was originally a newsletter to help promote Mona-Leza Enterprises during 1988-1993 and originally came out once a month.  Now it will be more frequent in the form of blogs.  It will feature local talents,  up and comings  and much more. It is important for you to know that she does possess a background in journalism and attended journalism school and is not just a blogger.

The most favored article that the Music Maven has written is by far “Too Old To Rock And Roll…Don’t Believe It! ” for Metal News during the 90’s.  Which was inspired by an incident on the set of “Wayne’s World” where fellow rocker Alice Cooper said that she was too old to be a rocker in his segement.  Music Maven felt that was bullshit because he was older than she was and HE was in the segement.

Our motto is still “Just The Facts.”  Currently, MusicMaven writes for the NoHo Arts District’s on-line magazine as a guest writer.  Music Maven has worked as a music critic/editor for West-End Magazine as well as a researcher and trivia question writer for radio promotion company Tigerman Inc.  In addition, Music Maven has had poetry published in  books:  “Dark Side Of The Moon” and  “Engage in Poetry, Anthology 2014” and also in the Led Zeppelin Magazine “ZoSo”, and also has won awards for her poetry as well.

Music Maven published a book of photos about Parisian street art vs the newly present graffiti and where it comes from…terrorists using graffiti to communicate like gangs do in California?  The book also features “Nebraska” actress Angela McEwan in a few of the photos and is why the book was written…she was a traveling companion to the Music Maven to Paris where McEwan said of their adventures “If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would not have believed it.” “Gallerie de Street Art, Paris” is the name of the book that came out in June, 2015 and has a page on Facebook.

Music Maven has booked bands at her venue “The Cave” and helped out other clubs with acts.  During the 60’s Music Maven danced on the many stages as a Go Go dancer at the Teen Fairs at the Hollywood Paladium and music videos and television dance shows.  Music Maven can be found at http://www.hollywoodagogo.com in update five under Mona/groovy girl.  Her profile is more complete on Linkedin.com under Caroline McElroy.   E-mail @ musicmaven9@gmail.com. Music Maven can also be found on Twitter @ music maven9;  Facebook as Caroline McElroy/Music Maven, Pinterest and Instagram as musicmaven9.


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